1. Unveil

    Experience a completely new dimension of collecting watches right on your iPad. Just a simple fingertip, and you have created your first entry in Watches.

  2. Capture

    Look at every watch in detail. Personalize every jewelry case easily with precious materials to match your watch, and capture all important details.

  3. Store

    Everything has its place. Take beautiful pictures of your watches with the iPad camera, and store photos of important documents in a document folder.

  4. Share

    Let your family, friends and colleagues take part in your passion. Share pictures and data of your favorite watches with them, simply by e-mailing.

The new way of collecting watches

We love watches. Old ones and new ones. Elegant ones, sporty ones, and conservative ones. Collecting timepieces is a passion that takes hold. Ideally, beautiful watches are assets that require to be appreciated and stored as such.
With Watches for iPad, we have created a tool that makes collecting timepieces as much fun as the watches are themselves.

Watches is incredibly simple, pretty, and functional. Keep records of the all details and the history of your watch, store documents and show your collection to other watch aficionados. With Watches on your iPad, you carry your watch collection with you at all times.

Your collection, with you at all times

It is easy to lose track of a multitude of beautiful watches. With Watches, you can manage your collection of up to 88 watches on your iPad, and experience the fascination of collecting timepieces in an entirely new way. Take your collection everywhere you go – on your vacation, your business trips, at home or to a meeting with other watch enthusiasts.
Capture new accruals, or store old treasures for the future. In addition, you have all your data and documents handy for every single watch, making it easy to exchange them with others, or acquire insurance for your watches for example.

Note down every important detail

People say you do not have to know everything, you just have to know where to look it up. Simply note down every relevant detail regarding manufacturer, model name, serial number, caliber, dealer, etc.

Write down the price you paid and the price your watch is listed for at that time, or add individualized data to it.

Besides, Watches enables you to document the entire history of your watch in individual input fields, potentially aiding you in adding to the value of the watch in case of a resale.

To make things as easy as possible for you, Watches connects to the apps “Calendar”, “Mail”, “Safari”, and “Maps”, making it possible to immediately save reminders for revision dates to your calendar. Websites can be accessed by a simple fingertip in Watches, and addresses can be viewed on a map.

All documents securely stored

Every watch has accompanying documents, such as your manufacturer’s guarantee, the bill of sale, etc.
Usually people tend to keep those in a safe place.

However, Watches allows you to store all of these digitally, which brings them all just a fingertip away without the originals having to leave their secure storage.

The camera of your iPad can take pictures of your watch or its accompanying documents and directly sort them into your digital data folders. Or simply add them from your camera roll.

You can also send pictures and data of and about your watch to your contacts via e-mail. It has never been easier to include others in the joy of collecting watches.

Precious and to your taste

Beautiful watches speak to our sense of aesthetics. Materials used and manufacturing quality contribute greatly to this. To showcase every single one of your watches perfectly, you can create a jewelry box according to your very own taste and style. We have created matching materials that are so authentic you can almost touch them. Choose between elegant wood and leather, and adjust the metal of the hinges individually

1.1 is released!

128bit Data Encryption

The security of your data is our top priority. Therefore Watches now offers a high security 128bit encryption mode which is easy to configure and protects your data wherever you go.

Set your personal password with as many characters, numbers or special characters as you want and all data that you collect and manage in Watches are stored encrypted on your iPad. So, in the case  of unauthorized access or if your iPad gets lost, all your data remains protected. Even if you do regular backups of your iPad via iTunes or iCloud Watches data remains encrypted.

Watches Premium Upgrade

You can download and try Watches for free through the App Store. Since we do not sell user data or put advertising into our app, the Watches Premium upgrade is at a price of $9.99.

The upgrade not only increases the number of timepieces you can manage within the app, but also offers you the benefits of free future updates, enhancements as well as new upcoming features. With your purchase you enable us to build more and more smart and beautiful tools for watch enthusiasts. If you have any suggestions or wishes, please let us know. Or sign up for our newsletter to receive news about the product.